SIRPA Practitioner

SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association) was established in 2010 by UK physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield. She was hugely inspired by the work of Dr John Sarno MD and in 2007 spent a period of time working with him in New York.

Starting in the 1970’s Dr Sarno developed a pioneering program for recovery from chronic pain. SIRPA has continued this approach and focuses on actual recovery from pain which is in contrast to the traditional medical approach of treatment or management of the symptoms.

SIRPA helps the individual to identify and acknowledge the underlying emotional causes of their pain. This switches off the nerve pathways driving the pain and consequently the pain messages cease to occur. Full recovery is then possible.

Who would benefit from the SIRPA approach?

Those with longstanding pain who are not gaining relief from the traditional medical approach. Typically we work together through face to face coaching sessions. It is also possible to work via Skype for those outside Birmingham. You can find out more about SIRPA at –