Do you want?

To resolve the root cause of your problems?

To heal from past trauma?

To have greater flexibility and choice in your life?

To cope better with stress and even learn to enjoy it?

To have greater joy in your relationships and personal life?

To wake up to the beauty of life?

To perform better in work and study?

To gain ease from distressing physical and mental symptoms such as anxiety/panic and chronic pain?

I can help

I have known Liz as a post-graduate trainer, a colleague and a friend for the last six years.  It has been a pleasure to work alongside her and observe her dedication to patients and team spirit.  General Practice is under tremendous pressure, and to deliver clinical care from the first patient in the morning to the last patient in the evening with the same high level of enthusiasm and passion is a Herculean task, nevertheless Liz makes it seem effortless and joyful. During my role as her Trainee, she encouraged me to pursue my interest in medical writing.  This has helped me a long way, and today I am on the editorial board of a reputable medical journal. I have learned a lot from Liz, not just medical ‘stuff’ but also how to be a good trainer, a good clinician, a good communicator and above all a good person.
Dr. Kunal Chawathey